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Horse Training


Our training program is based on respect, relationship, and communication with our horses and is very progressive, each training session building upon the last and focuses on creating relaxed, soft, and confident horses that have a willing mindset. Our goal with basic groundwork is to create a happy, willing, and respectful partner on the ground and to help prepare the horse for being started under-saddle. We believe every horse should have a solid foundation on the ground and that it is an extremely valuable asset to having a well mannered horse who not only is a joy to be around but is engaged and ready to learn. For the horses that are ready to ride, we strive to help them find relaxation, softness, balance, and rhythm within each movement and gait and most importantly have a willingness to try. Proper carriage and movement is a huge part of our program. We want our young horse to be willing, brave, and to find confidence in their rider.

Colt Starting
Mustang Gentling
Young Horse Continued Education
Off The Track Thoroughbred Restarts
Gentling and Halter Training
Basic and Advanced groundwork
Proper Body Carriage

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