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Q&A With Susanna Newsonen

Photo submitted by Susanna Newsonen
Photo submitted by Susanna Newsonen

At what point did you decide that you wanted to become an author? 

I have always loved writing and I always looked for opportunities to write in whatever job I was in.  I started blogging in 2008 to get even more into it. I dreamt of writing a book but figured I would do it later. Then, one day, my future husband said to me, “What are you waiting for?”. I didn't know how to answer that - so I started my first book the next day. I wrote my first book, Screw Finding  Your Passion, in 2014. I was then running my life coaching business in London, United Kingdom,  and spent whatever spare hours I had to work on the book. I loved working on it and I was sad when it was finished. I wished I could have kept writing forever. That's when I realized I wanted to make writing my main focus. Over the next few years, I built up my writing practice whilst slowing down my coaching and keynote talks. In 2020, I became a full-time writer for good - and I've loved it ever since! 

How long did it take you to write "Horse Girl"? 

It took me three months to write it - which is fast, even for me. Initially, I was actually working on a different book but the idea for Horse Girl kept teasing me in the back of my mind. So, I took a day off my other book to play with Horse Girl - and that was it. Once I began, I couldn’t stop. It was as if the book took a life of its own and practically wrote itself. It was bliss. Once I’d written the first draft, I spent six months editing it, and another three getting it ready for publication. All in all, it was ready to go in a year. 

Do you use a publishing company or are you self-published? 

Currently, I am self-published but I wouldn’t shy away from a publishing company if they offered me the right deal. I think there are pros and cons to both, and you can definitely make it as a writer either way. 

Are you currently writing any new books? 

Yes! I’m always working on something - sometimes it feels like I have a few too many ideas.  Currently, there is one clear frontrunner that I’m focusing on and another one that I might also get tempted by. I think I will end up writing both - just one at a time. 

What did you do before becoming a writer? 

Initially, after university, I worked in the corporate world. I worked in marketing, communications,  and sustainability for Sony in both Germany and the United Kingdom. It was fun but not very fulfilling. I realized I wanted to make more of a positive difference in the world, so I ended up going back to university to do a Masters in positive psychology and setting up my Happyologist business to help people to live more fulfilling lives. Through it, I offered life coaching, workshops,  and keynote talks to both individuals and corporations. It was a real adventure and very fulfilling.  But, after writing that first book, I knew that’s what I wanted to do full-time. To write. 

How many countries have you lived in? 

Eight! I’m originally Finnish but I was born in Sweden, and then grew up in Finland, Sweden, and  Brazil. I also lived a short time in the Netherlands and a year in both Portugal and Germany. I spent ten years on and off in the United Kingdom - but for the last five years, I have lived in rural  Southwest France. I love it here. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I’m a very simple gal and as such I like a simple life. My favorite things are walking my dog Bond,  spending time with my horse Mickey, practicing yoga, gardening, and reading by the fireplace. I  also enjoy working on a good 1000-piece jigsaw with my husband - I find it very meditative.

Can you tell us more about your horse, Mickey? 

My beautiful Mickey is a 15-year-old Dutch Warmblood (KWPN). I’ve had him since he was three so I can’t believe he’s 15 already! He’s a tall 17hh handsome black gelding with a sensitive,  determined spirit. He certainly had me off many times when he was a youngster - and also managed to do it last month! He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body but he’s very agile with his movements - so if I’m not paying attention I can get left behind. It’s a good lesson in mindfulness!  In fact, I believe he is my guru in more ways than one. He has taught me so many things about horses and life that I don’t know where I would be without him. This is why I often call him “the black unicorn”. We have competed in dressage most of our partnership but lately, we’ve both wanted to slow down and we’ve started to play with horsemanship and liberty work. We both love it! 

Where can people purchase your books? 

All my books, including my latest release, Horse Girl: A Journey Home, are available on Amazon worldwide. They are all available in physical, ebook, and audiobook formats. 

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Listen to your heart. It will always lead you where you’re meant to go. Also, listen to your horse. In many ways, they are a reflection of what is in your heart. 

Finally, if you do enjoy any of my books, please rate it and review it. It’s one of the most helpful things you can do for an author - we all appreciate it immensely!


Susanna Newsonen is a philosopher, writer, and poet based in a tiny village in rural Southern France.

She is on a mission to spread hope and love, around the world, one reader at a time.

Her books include Notes on Self-Love, Happiness is Here, Screw Finding Your Passion, and Horse Girl: A Journey Home.

Before becoming a full-time writer,

she was a sought-after life coach and keynote speaker when wearing her now-retired Happyologist hat. Her client list ranged across industries, including Brainwash Festival, American Express, BMW, Kellogg’s, and The School of Life. She has also been a TEDx speaker, an online columnist for Psychology Today, and a regular commentator in the media from the BBC to The Huffington Post and more. Her quotes and writing have been featured in a wide range of publications, including Psychologies magazine, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, The Guardian, and Thrive magazine.

In her free time, she is a dressage rider and horse lover. She also adores dogs and believes we can learn a lot from our four-legged furry friends. She inspires her following on Instagram at @susannanewsonen.



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