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Q&A With Tais.Photo

Updated: Apr 19

Photo by Tais.Photo
Photo by Tais.Photo
How did you get started in photography?

Tais: It all began with horses (of course) - I could never have enough of them and would seek out any opportunity to see them, even if it was just in print - collecting postcards, stamps, and books, trying to emulate what I saw once I had a camera of my own. It was a simple point-and-shoot (back when film was cheap and plentiful) that I started to take everywhere with me, taking photos of everything - horses, people, nature, - I wanted to document the life around me.

Photo by Tais.Photo
Photo by Tais.Photo
How long have you been photographing horses?

Tais: Ever since that film point and shoot back in the late 90s! However, it became much more serious later on, once I had my DSLR, so about 15+ years.

What camera do you use the most?

Tais: My workhorse is the Canon R6.

Photo by Tais.Photo
Photo by Tais.Photo

What is your favorite thing about your photography business?

Tais: The people, the emotions, and the absolutely magical experience of capturing something completely unique. 

What are your future goals for your photography business?

Tais: I would love to explore more film photography for my clients. It’s a completely different process & feeling for both myself and my clients. More portrait work that highlights both the person and their horse, because this is at the heart of what I do.

Photo by Tais.Photo
Photo by Tais.Photo
Do you have any horses of your own?

Tais: Even though I have been around horses since I was a little girl, 

I never had the opportunity to own one myself. Photography is my way for me 

to enjoy their presence. I used to ride regularly at local hunter/jumper barns, 

and still hack any chance I get.

Do you have any hobbies you enjoy doing outside of your photography business?

Tais: Travel! I used to travel internationally quite a bit before I started a family. Now, we own the cutest teardrop trailer that we take on little adventures around the Pacific Northwest. My son is also an avid soccer player, and when I’m not working or traveling, we’re spending a ton of time at his soccer practices and games. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Tais: Take pictures and most importantly - print them! They are not meant to live on our phones, hard drives, and somewhere in the cloud. Frame it, pin it to a wall, scrapbook it - this will bring you so much joy!

What is the best way to contact you if someone would like to work with you?

Tais: The best way is via my website:, email:, and phone: 503-267-1717.


Tais has lived in a country with eleven time zones, ridden a horse on the shores of the Red Sea, spent a night in the breathtaking Mont Saint-Michel in France, and sailed the Greek Islands for a week. Every life experience has fueled a sense of wonder and curiosity that influences her photography every day.

When she is not working, you can find her cheering on her son at his soccer game, exploring the Pacific Northwest in their cozy teardrop trailer with her family, or indulging in some seriously delicious food and wine with friends. Tais believes that simple pleasures are just as important as grand adventures.

Tais lives in Oregon and offers sessions worldwide.

If you would like to book a photo session with her, 

please visit her website at



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