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Amanda Tonagel Photography



Equine Photography

Amanda Tonagel Photography


La Porte, Indiana Area and Montana


Hi! I'm Amanda! The gal who loves to hide behind the camera! If we haven't met before let me fill you in on a little about me... :) If we meet for the first time at a session I will probably greet you while wearing a grey t-shirt {Because well grey t-shirts are life!}, my hair in a messy bun and I will probably be talking a mile a minute while cooing over your baby or rubbing your horse's nose. If you meet me outside of a session I will probably be wearing a grey t-shirt, my hair in a messy bun (I really need to branch out a bit apparently) and will be running around trying to find my four kids. :) Yup. You read that right. Four. Four kids 14 and under. Keep this in mind while working with me. If I am a scatterbrain it's because I haven't slept in 14 years! :) My husband otherwise known as "Cabana Boy" and I have been together for, like, an eternity.

We were blessed enough to meet at the Great LaPorte County Fair outside the horse barn. I was a cheerleader and he was basketball player. I had a horse and he wanted one. The rest was history for us. We moved our team back to our hometown of   La Porte, Indiana in 2013. I don't think I can say enough how much we love being Slicers. Our kids will be third generation Slicers and we are so happy to live in and serve this community. Our four kids; Charlie, Sawyer, Brooks and Greta keep us busy with their activities at church, sports and 4-H. In our spare time we enjoy camping, doing things outdoors and cheering for the Slicers. I started my business in 2009 and it has been evolving ever since.

My stage of life has changed and so has my photography focus. Now that my kids are getting older I see how much I treasure their baby photos. They are priceless to me! I want my clients to have these special keepsakes as well. Family photos are also special in their own right. Who doesn't love that perfect image of everyone looking at the camera and smiling? Guess what!?! You will laugh way harder in the years to come when you see the reality photo of the kids maybe making a goofy smile or remembering how you couldn't get your baby to do anything other than cling onto you for dear life! Now that my kids are old enough to enjoy the horse world I melt into a big puddle when I see them with their pony. I mean is there anything cuter in the world than a little boy or girl with their pony?!?!? I want to capture this all too fast stage of life for my horsey friends! Oh and when your son or daughter is now in high school and has spent countless hours with their equine working those patterns. I want you to have a memory of that bond forever. So, wherever you are at in your stage of life let's capture that memory! I would love to come snuggle your baby, chase your toddler or brush your pony!

Amanda Tonagel Photography is a premier Family, Senior and Equine Photographer for La Porte, Indiana. Amanda enjoys providing her hometown with professional keepsake images that families treasure and traveling to Montana each summer for western shoots. 

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