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We’re always looking for new contributors to write in the magazine.

Email your article to:

For Articles:
500-3000 words
Word Doc or PDF format
You can email up to 6 photos and/or graphics that can go with your article.
Includes your website and social media links.

Current Topics Accepted For Articles:
Barn Building Tips
Equine Assisted Therapy
Equine Business Bookkeeping

Equine Business Marketing
Equine Events
Equine Marketing
Equine Genetics
Equine Laws
Equine Photography
Horse Care
Horse Health
Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation
Horse Shows and Events
Horse Training
Saddle Fit


January Issue - January 3rd

February Issue - February 3rd

March Issue - March 3rd

April Issue - April 3rd

May Issue - May 3rd

June Issue - June 3rd

July Issue - July 3rd

August Issue - August 3rd

September Issue - September 3rd

October Issue - October 3rd

November Issue - November 3rd

December Issue - December 3rd

*No paid writing opportunities are available at this time.*

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