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BuckWild ShowJumpers LLC

South Carolina


Training & Coaching For Hunter/Jumpers

BuckWild ShowJumpers LLC


Fountain Inn, SC


We are a hunter/jumper training barn located in Fountain Inn, SC. We invest in helping horses and riders grow to reach their full potential as competitive show jumpers. We communicate with each owner or rider to set individual goals and personalized training programs to achieve them. We have the highest standards for the quality care and management of our equine athletes. Diets, training, care and living standards are carefully managed to keep horses healthy, happy and in shape by using scientific knowledge, veterinary advice, and attention to cleanliness. We strive to make our barn a positive, team building environment that exhibits professionalism and attention to detail.

About the Trainer: Lauren McCord
Lauren McCord has a unique background in natural horsemanship that allows her to understand different horses and how they learn. She uses techniques from various natural horsemanship trainers such as Tik Maynard, Buck Brannaman, and Clinton Anderson to create her own methodology specifically designed for bringing along the competitive ShowJumper. She has experience working with horses from unstarted through seasoned competitors in the hunter and jumper rings. She also has experience working through behavioral issues or fears in horses, including: rearing, spooking, stopping, and bad ground manners, using natural horsemanship methods. Lauren McCord is still actively competing in both hunters and jumpers. She has experience competing from baby green hunters to the equitation, in her junior years, to the 1.30m Jumpers. She has trained with top ridders like Chris Kappler and Ricardo Villa and continues to actively seek new information to improve herself, and as a result her students, in the sport. Lauren is a past participant of the Emerging Athletes Program where she received an almost unheard of perfect score for her horse care management which carried her onto nationals. As a coach, Lauren McCord has a passion for helping her students achieve their goals, whether that goal is making it to the student’s first A rated hunter show or making it to the year end championships for the Jr/AO jumpers. She believes in building up students with encouragement and constructive criticism. She knows how important confidence and mentality is for this sport and wants to support each student in a way that builds that confidence.

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