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Chelsea Croissant Photography



Equine Photography

Chelsea Croissant Photography


Central Texas


I’m the gal behind the camera who has a passion for a good story, especially when it involves a horse! However, my photography career hasn't just been about taking stunning shots of equestrians who cherish their horses like family; it’s also about giving back. I’ve poured my heart into working with local nonprofits, spearheading photography calendar contests to raise funds for local equine nonprofit organizations I am passionate about.

When I’m not out at the barn with my camera or brainstorming my next big fundraising idea, you can find me being a super mom to my three amazing kids. My love for horses stretches back to my own childhood spent riding and showing these beautiful animals. Continuing the tradition brings me great joy!

If you’re looking to document stories and create artwork that showcases the special bond between you and your horse then we need to chat!

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