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Restore Equine Therapy



Equine Massage

Restore Equine Therapy


Northern Kentucky and Ohio


Welcome to Restore Equine Therapy, your devoted equine bodywork provider serving Northern Kentucky and Ohio. Restore aims to answer the lifelong question of how to best care for horses and give back a portion of what they provide us daily.

Senya Sitzman, founder and owner, has dedicated over 15 years to studying all aspects of horses. She possesses a degree in equine rehabilitation from Midway University in Kentucky, bringing a deep passion and understanding of equine anatomy and physiology, as well as a total commitment to each horse's holistic well-being.

Restore prioritizes a hands-on approach to ensure that each session is tailored to the unique needs of your horse. The goal is to gain a strong understanding of your horse as an individual, building a foundation for continuous and measurable improvement. A healthy horse is a team effort, and Senya will collaborate with all members of your preferred team to deliver the best possible care.

We look forward to meeting you and your horse!

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