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Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch



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Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation, Retirement, & Rehoming Services

Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch


Texas and Occasionally Other States


At Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch, we crave to save as many neglected animals as we can.
Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and show them the love they deserve before finding their forever homes.

April 20th, 2022 was the hardest, most eye opening day of rescue for me.
We walked the pens full of horses like we normally do. My sister stopped in her tracks and said, “There’s a dead one in there.” As we approached the pen my heart broke as I saw the shallow rising and falling of her chest. She was still breathing. No one cared. People came up, kicked her leg, and continued walking. Was this real life? Was this really the world we live in? I jumped the fence and moved the other horses away, as they were trampling her as she laid there, too weak to stand. I spent the next hour pleading with management hoping they’d let me buy her and get her out of there. HOW in the world did no one care? Once they allowed me to purchase her I realized the only way we’d be able to get her out would be to physically drag her.. it was the most intense anger and sadness mixed together as me, my sister, and a few Good Samaritans pulled her weak, emaciated body out of that place. We immediately met our vet who agreed, she deserved to be freed from her pain and suffering. As she was leaving this world, the name Mercy came to me so clearly. The few hours I had with Mercy lit a fire underneath me. It was time to take this more seriously, these innocent creatures have no voice. We will try our best to honor Mercy with every rescue we take in. Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch was born from her story, the Mercy she deserved, and the life she should have lived. I hope we make you proud, Mercy.

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