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A Comforting Home

Photo submitted by Susanna Newsonen
Photo submitted by Susanna Newsonen
The world shouts
“Perform! Succeed! Achieve!”
… I turn my back
And go where none of this matters.

A place where transparency,
Acceptance and truth rule.
A place where judgement
Has no space.

The wild wind
Blows through pointy ears
“Come be free with me.”

I surrender
To the invitation of his rhythm
The dance that is to come.

A divine fusion of power and gentleness
A comforting home
In an uncomfortable world.

Lonely and broken
Letting him heal
And make me feel whole.

The two of us
Human and horse
Feeling grounded and lit.

Susanna Newsonen
Susanna Newsonen


Susanna Newsonen is a philosopher, writer, and poet based in a tiny village in rural Southern France. She is on a mission to spread hope and love, around the world, one reader at a time. Her books include Notes on Self-Love, Happiness is Here, Screw Finding Your Passion, and Horse Girl: A Journey Home.

Before becoming a full-time writer,

she was a sought-after life coach and keynote speaker when wearing her now-retired Happyologist hat. Her client list ranged across industries, including Brainwash Festival, American Express, BMW, Kellogg’s, and The School of Life. She has also been a TEDx speaker, an online columnist for Psychology Today, and a regular commentator in the media from the BBC to The Huffington Post and more. Her quotes and writing have been featured in a wide range of publications, including Psychologies magazine, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, The Guardian, and Thrive magazine.

In her free time, she is a dressage rider and horse lover. She also adores dogs and believes we can learn a lot from our four-legged furry friends. She inspires her following on Instagram at @susannanewsonen.

Poem submitted by Susanna Newsonen



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