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How Copywriting Can Prevent Your Equine Business From Bucking You Into Failure

Updated: Jan 17

Does making sales for your horse business make you crow-hop with terror?

Do not worry!

Copywriting can help you create income for your equine business without being grimy. In fact, copywriting can send your equine business galloping into the barns of customers who will adore your services. Let’s take a closer look at copywriting for your equine business, and how it can help.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of crafting words that will lasso income for your horse business through persuasion, customer psychology, and connection. 

In other words, copywriting is any text that influences a person to take action. 

Some examples of action are:

 Subscribing to email lists.

 Purchasing a course.

Buying horse tack.

 Adopting a horse.

 Following a social media account.

There are so many powerful ways that copywriting can create income by persuading your audience to take action. 

Curious about how copywriting works? Let’s walk on.

How Does Copywriting Work?

Copywriting takes practice and work, just like horseback riding does. 

There are 3 key components that your copywriting must have to be successful. 

These include:

 Emotion- Believe it or not, emotion is powerful in business. As humans, we thrive on connections that are fueled by emotion.

 Persuasion- A mission puzzle piece that most copy lacks is a benefit. Benefits are

important because your customer wants to know how their lives will improve with your equine products or services.

 Clear CTA- CTAs stand for “call to action”. Call to action tell your audience what they want you to do. 

For instance:

1. “Subscribe to my email”.

2. “Contact us for more information”.

3. “Buy this horse saddle before it runs out.”.

When you create a connection coupled with persuasion and a clear CTA, you will gain more clients and help more horses.

What Are the Benefits of Copywriting?

Besides helping you improve the lives of horses, and owners through words, copywriting also provides additional benefits such as:

1. Creating a connection to your customers- Customers want to feel that your business cares and caters to them. Connection creates the bridge between your customers and your business with the right words.

2. Build trust- Copy that’s written to benefit your customers helps to establish that your business is trustworthy.

3. Be found on Google easier- SEO or Search Engine Optimization are keywords that

help your business get discovered on search engines. When you add SEO to copy, it

helps Google trust your business, while helping you get found online.

4. Strengthens Customer Relationships- By providing copy that benefits your customer, you will create a strong bond that will last for years to come. In addition, copywriting can help customers recommend you to their friends, and colleagues, which can help you increase revenue by gaining more customers.

5. Helps You Stand Out From Competition- No matter which route you decide to take

your horse business, there will always be someone who is a competitor. But, with a well-written copy, you will attract customers and outbeat other candidates in your field of work.

3 Common Copywriting Mistakes That Are Costing You Customers

1. You Don’t Have a Target Audience

One of the most common errors I see when reviewing a customer's social media, website, or business is that they aren't targeting a specific audience. It is easy to think that your business is a benefit for everyone. However, not everyone will want what you have to offer. So, you will want to consider creating what is called a customer profile. Customer profiles help you market your business to people who will benefit from your services. Some things you will want to consider for your target audience are their likes, age, and hobbies. When you have a specific audience in mind it is easier to craft compelling copy that will convert. Remember, your mission with your website, social media, or email copy is to nurture your audience's needs.

2. You Aren’t Clear About Your Services

In today’s market, standing out is more important than ever. If you aren’t clear about what you offer, you’ll send potential customers galloping to another business. Let’s take a look at the example below. Please note these are fictional scenarios to respect my client’s privacy.

Kendra has a small donkey ranch that specializes in adopting mini-donkeys and training them to be service animals. When she gets engagement from potential customers all she tells them is that she runs a mini-donkey rescue. 

That's a decent start to what she offers. But, she's leaving out the part about training rescued donkeys to be therapy animals.

She receives a call from a Google Ad she posted for her business and decides to reword the way she describes her business.

She tells her potential clients that she rescues neglected mini-donkeys, restores their health, and trains them to assist people as therapy animals.

The woman on the phone asks to come see her rescue. When she arrives, she ends up falling in love with one of the donkeys and brings them home.

This is one example of how being clear about what your equine business offers can help you capture the hearts of customers who will love what you offer.

 3. You Aren’t Speaking in the Right Tone

When it comes to copy, knowing how to speak to your audience is as important as what you are offering them. For example, instead of using "we", or "I" on your website, replace it by using the word "you". This makes your customers feel as if you are talking to only them. Here's an example:

“We Help Abused Draft Horses Trust Again”

The above headline is a great start, it has a benefit and it's specific to which kind of horses they help. But, the headline doesn't compellingly speak to your audience. 

Let’s reword this headline 

 “Helping Abused Horses Open Their Hearts to Trust Your Love”

See how much better that headline sounds? It speaks in a way that makes you feel special and able to provide love for an abused draft horse.

Whether you have tack to help riders improve their balance, a rescue that helps abandoned ponies love again, or anything in between, copywriting will help your equine business canter into success and growth.

About the Writer:

As a copywriter with 10 years of marketing and experience as a professional stablehand, 

Amanda Martinotti has seen firsthand why nearly 90% of equine businesses fail before they even get started. Amanda is a certified copywriter and animal reiki master who is passionate about helping horses improve their lives through the art of words. 

You can learn more about Giddy Up Copywriting here:

To contact Amanda please send an email to: 

Article submitted by Amanda Martinotti

Business Owner at Giddy Up Copywriting



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