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Interview with Avery Fletcher Photography

Updated: Feb 21

Avery & Brazos
Avery & Brazos

How did you get started in photography?

Avery: I started taking photos in high school with a beginner Canon camera kit. I photographed a lot of horse shows, made YouTube videos, and spent hours at the stable taking pictures of friends riding. By my senior year of college, I hadn't picked up my camera in years. I had a few electives left to finish my college degree and chose to take photography classes. I fell in love with the camera again and enjoyed the assignments I had in class. A few people at my stable asked me to take pictures of their daughters and I sold pictures of our lesson horses before quitting my full time job to pursue my photography business.

Abby Dewan with Flynn | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography
Abby Dewan with Flynn | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography

How long have you been photographing equestrians and horses?

Avery: I have had my photography business full time for, coming up on, three years. 

I've been taking pictures of horses and riders for about 7 years total.

What's in your camera bag?

Avery: A TON of memory cards and camera batteries. 

I also like to keep a spare camera body and spare lens.

What is your favorite thing about your photography business?

Avery: Getting to meet so many amazing people! I love capturing the connection between the horse and rider and getting to talk to them about their riding story. 

People always have such unique and interesting journeys! I also really enjoy meeting other photographers. I have friends in so many states across the US from horse show photography. 

I have learned so much from each of them.

Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event 2023 | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography
Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event 2023 | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography

What are your future goals for your photography business?

Avery: I am aiming towards one day offering Private Client Photography at major horse shows. For now, I enjoy working for Official Photographers and learning everything I can from them. Each photographer has something new to teach and I am so grateful to take a small piece of their photographing style with me.

Do you have any tips to help keep a horse's attention during a photoshoot?

Avery: I have horse neighing apps on my phone which work very well for most of my photoshoots. Cheerleading pom poms also seem to do the trick. Each horse is a little different and can react differently to objects. When in doubt, if the owner or someone the horse knows starts walking towards them, they usually put their ears forward.

Do you have any horses of your own?

Avery: I have a 2016 OTTB named Brazos, after his racing name, Brazoswildcat. 

He's the first horse I've ever owned. He is all chestnut with 3 white hairs on his forehead 

(not quite enough to be considered a marking). He is so sweet and neighs to me every time he sees me, even if I'm across the barn. He has been a fun project for me since graduating college and taught me a lot about myself and my riding journey. He also gets to be my tester model for new photoshoot ideas, so he's pretty used to me doing weird stuff to him.

Elliot owned by Terri Taylor | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography
Elliot owned by Terri Taylor | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography

At what age did you fall in love with horses?

Avery: My uncle Larry had three horses when I was a toddler. I always wanted to pet, feed, and sit on my favorite of his horses, Oden. I preferred playing with Breyer horses as a kid and ignored my dolls. My parents signed me up for horse camp every summer once I was old enough and enrolled me in lessons in elementary school. My love for horses never really went away from there, even if I had a few years every once in awhile that I couldn't ride. I always found myself going back.

Do you have any hobbies you enjoy doing outside of your photography business?

Avery: My husband and I got into Mounted Archery after I photographed a local competition and the owners, Tyler and Krystin Horan, offered me lessons. We recently competed in our first competition, which was mainly for fun. I also spend most of my free time reading books, which is a hobby I picked up from my dad. I prefer alternate-universe books but will read most genres of fiction novels.

What is the best way to contact you if someone would like to work with you?

Avery: The quickest way to reach me is by email at 

Or filling out the contact form on my website at

Eugenia Haynes with Casper | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography
Eugenia Haynes with Casper | Photo by Avery Fletcher Photography

Avery Fletcher is an equine photographer based in the Austin, Texas area. 

She offers Equine Portraits, Black Backgrounds, Show Photography, and more. 

Although horses are her specialty, she also loves capturing non-equine photoshoots.

To schedule a session with Avery, 



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