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Let's Go on a Journey Together

Updated: Mar 15

Photo by Sarah Trzebiatowski

Let’s go on a journey together. 

Let’s learn and grow and change together. 

You teach me and I’ll teach you. 

I don’t care where we end up. 

I don’t care how long we go. 

I don’t need a ribbon, a trophy, 

applause or approval. 

Just walk with me, nicker for me when I come to get you, wiggle your nose when 

I scratch your tummy. 

You will have bad days, and I will too. 

Let’s smile and shrug and say 

‘oh well, there’s always tomorrow’. 

Let’s sit in the orchard, you eat apples 

and I’ll read a book. 

Let’s talk to each other, you tell me what you need and I’ll tell you what I need. 

I’m not your boss and you aren’t my slave. 

You are my friend, my dearest and best. 

You feel my heartbeat and read my mind. 

I don’t deserve you, how do you know what I am thinking? 

But you show up every day 

and we play together. 

And I’ll have a pocket full of treats, 

trying to push my ego aside. 

We are friends, 

and I will care for you always. 

God brought you here 

and blessed me with you. 

And I am forever grateful.

- Wendy Fehr

With over 20 years experience in the horse industry, Wendy Fehr has run multiple successful training and lesson barns in Canada before she moved to Oregon. The goal of her training program is to use dressage to create balanced and happy horses. In her riding lessons, she helps riders improve their equitation so they can then have a positive influence on their horse.

She works with riders to improve their horse's way of going and learn the reason why we do the exercises we do. Her goal is for her riders to know both the why and the how of riding dressage.

Learn more about Wendy here:



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