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Q&A with Maria Reichert

A Veterinarian Who Paints

Q&A with Maria Reichert - A Veterinarian Who Paints | Equine Business Magazine
Q&A with Maria Reichert - A Veterinarian Who Paints
When did know you wanted to be an artist?  

I think I have always been an artist, I loved to draw and paint since I was a child and have always found it easier to communicate with pencil and paper than with words.  In the last ten years I have become more disciplined in my practice and now I paint most every day.

What was your profession before becoming an artist? 

I was and will always be a veterinarian.  I graduated from the University of New Hampshire as an Animal Science Major and attended The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine for my veterinary education. I was the owner of a Veterinary Hospital in Ohio for many years. 

Maria Reichert - A Veterinarian Who Paints
Maria Reichert - A Veterinarian Who Paints
Are you self-taught or did you attend an art school? 

I took only one official art class when I went to school in New Hampshire, but I spend every day learning more, pushing my ability to convey a message through paint, I read so many books, watch videos and take live workshops to gain more knowledge, it is a life long pursuit!

Who or What inspires your creativity?

My favorite subject to paint is the horse.  I fell in love with the horse the first time I met one, and the beauty of a horse still takes my breath away.  

Maria Reichert - A Veterinarian Who Paints
Maria Reichert - A Veterinarian Who Paints

What is your favorite art medium to work with? 

I began my painting experience with watercolor but have added oil paints to my practice.  Each medium is so unique and I can’t say I love one more than the other.  Some subjects seem to call for one medium over the other and I try to listen !

How would you describe your painting style? 

My style of painting is more of an impressionistic style than a realist style.  My colors are bright with loose brushstrokes. I do not overwork details but I try to explore and try different styles in the studio. I won’t limit myself.  

One of Maria's horse Paintings
One of Maria's horse Paintings

How do you overcome creative blocks?

I really don’t struggle with creative blocks!  I love my painting time, and my problem in the studio is never not knowing what to paint, but finding time to paint all of the things I want to! I love painting commissions for my clients but painting for the sheer joy of painting is just an amazing experience.  

How would you describe your first horse painting? 

One of my first horse paintings is still one of my favorites, it is a simple watercolor of my daughter leading her horse and I still have it in the studio.  I love seeing how my paintings have progressed over the years, and I find it helpful to save some of the first creations. 

A  horse painting by Maria
A horse painting by Maria

How long does it generally take you to finish a painting? 

Depending on the size and complexity and the medium, a painting can take anywhere from one day to a month!

Do you listen to music while painting? If so what genre is your favorite? 

There is always wonderful music to listen to in The Studio and the genre changes daily.  Country Music is the most frequently played, but I love the old Rock and Roll, 70s music, beach music, maybe a little dance music!  

Maria's horse art on a wall
Maria's horse art on a wall

Are there any upcoming art projects that you're particularly excited about?

I am planning a series of paintings depicting the different horse breeds doing the jobs they were bred for, working quarter horses, reining horses, racing horses, dressage horses, jumping horses and draft horses.  I plan to attend all the different shows and events to take photos and get a feel for each of the disciplines and sharing that on my canvas.

What is your favorite thing about your art business? 

My favorite thing about my art business aside from the actual time at my easel, is connecting with like minded humans, I love when someone sees something in the art, and wants to make it a part of their home. I love helping people memorialize a favorite horse or pet and keep the memory of that animal alive through art.

A Horse Painting by Maria
A Horse Painting by Maria

Do you offer custom paintings (commissions)? 

I do!  I paint many custom paintings, and work from photos to create watercolor and oil portraits, they truly make wonderful gifts.

Where can people purchase your art? 

My art can be purchased through my website at I recommend signing up for email updates to be first to know when art and commission slots are available. 

Do you own any horses?

I have owned many horses, and I recently lost my 25 year Quarter Horse to colic, he was my daughter's show horse, and then my riding horse.  I just miss him so much everyday but have just starting riding a new horse, and it feels so good to be back In that saddle. 

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Enjoy the process, learn all that you can, you never have to show anyone else your art if you don’t want to and never let the algorithm tell you if your art is good enough. <3

Maria holding one of her beautiful horse paintings
Maria holding one of her beautiful horse paintings
Do you have any hobbies you enjoy doing outside of your business? 

I love to knit, and garden, make sourdough bread and I am now a wake surfer !!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am grateful to be an artist and spend my time painting in my studio and I am so grateful to have spent a lifetime as part of the equestrian community. I have met so many good, inspiring people and made lifelong friends.  

Maria Reichert's Business Card
Maria Reichert's Business Card

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This article was published in the April issue of Equine Business Magazine.



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